City Patrol

The WeWATCH city patrol operates in the public and private sector.

Urban city patrol

With our urban city patrol we make a contribution to an increasing safety in the public sector. We always make sure to meet all wants and needs of our clients. In order to offer the ideal security at all times we also cooperate closely with the police.

The most important tasks of the city patrol include:

  • Prevention of vandalism and disturbance
  • Assurance of the law for the protection of the youth
  • Prevention of violent and physical arguments

The city patrol also operates at public events and makes sure that all terms set by the regulatory authority are being followed. Other areas of operation are playgrounds and sport facilities where terms of use are being controlled.

Places of operation:

  • Schools and sport facilities
  • Playgrounds and park areas
  • Meeting points of teenagers
  • Pedestrian zones
  • Shopping malls
  • Train stations
  • Inner city problematic areas
  • Public events

Private city patrol

Our private city patrol protects your housing areas and commercial properties including the parking space from vandalism, graffiti, littering and burglary. Crime can be prevented thanks to the presence and experience of our employees. Nevertheless, our employees have been trained to react quickly and efficient in case of a felony. This assures that residents and occupants of your buildings are protected from harassment and attacks. Hence you will achieve a higher customer satisfaction as well as a revaluation of your housing and commercial properties.

The areas of operation are protected by the city patrol through frequent patrols and presence, consistent and recognizable service clothing of our employees as well as modern monitoring technology. Nevertheless, it is important to us that none of the residents feel uncomfortable by the presence of our patrol at any time. Our scope of services also includes an emergency phone for authorized rental areas.

Accordingly, to §34a GewO all of our employees have been trained by IHK (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Berlin). They also attended a special training which prepared them perfectly for the city patrol. They are capable of recognizing and reacting efficiently to any dangerous situation. Thanks to our longtime cooperation with the police we could always ask for immediate support and backup.

WeWATCH Security is your experienced partner for the city patrol.

Convince yourself of our expertise. We are happy to offer you a free of charge guidance and a bespoke safety concept.

Your advantages

  • Presence in housing areas
  • Preventing vandalism, property damage, disturbance and graffiti
  • Disabling violent arguments
  • Disabling illegal waste disposal and elimination of pollutants
  • Cooperation with the police department and regulatory agency
  • Security and monitoring technology
  • Observance of use restrictions and opening hours
  • In case of specific incidents: acting according to a defined emergency plan
  • Written reporting


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