Building and plant security

For many buildings and building complexes an around the clock security is necessary in order to protect people, material assets and work processes.

WeWATCH-Security is offering building and plant security on a high level. As we have been working in this field for years we know exactly how to effectively secure your buildings and how to enable a smooth procedure.

Our range of service includes standard services such as regulated pedestrian and vehicle access control, identifying authorized people by business or visitors IDs, consistent visitor documentation and even the use of baggage X-ray equipment. Our armed guards can also secure buildings with a high degree of exposure. Thanks to our long-term experience we are able to offer you professional guidance and the best possible service for your building.

All of our employees have been trained to notice and to encounter and deficits in security efficiently. This way your building or plant is secured the best possible way at any time. In addition to that we are always happy to assist you with any other service tasks.

The WeWATCH Security Service is suitable for the following buildings and plants:

  • Office and administrative buildings
  • Embassies
  • Industrial and commercial buildings
  • Private properties
  • Shopping malls
  • Residential complexes
  • Warehouses

You can benefit from our trained staff and long-term experience. We will do everything for your safety!

WeWATCH Security ist hierfür Ihr erfahrener Partner im Bereich Objekt- und Werkschutz.

Überzeugen Sie sich von unseren Kompetenzen und lassen Sie sich von uns unverbindlich beraten, wir erstellen Ihnen ein maßgeschneidertes Sicherheitskonzept.



Your Benefits:

  • Access security for the property
  • Gate keeper and reception service
  • Provided visitor passes
  • Hotline and delivery service
  • Delivery monitoring
  • Access and baggage control
  • Inspection of vehicles and freight traffic
  • Theft prevention
  • Locking service and key management
  • Patrol duty
  • Dog handler
  • Parking garage safety service
  • Surveillance of hazard alert systems and fault indication systems
  • Counteractive measures in case of functional disorders
  • Occupation of the fire detection center
  • Tasks regarding protection of the environment and from fires
  • Evacuation management in case of an emergency
  • Monitoring of production processes and machines
  • In case of specific incidents: acting according to a defined emergency plan
  • Written reporting
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