Store detective

Back in the days the typical shop lifter would only steal things for his own needs. Nowadays shops have to face organized crime gangs. These gangs established diversionary tactics in order to steal the ordered products without attracting any attention. The number of shoplifting incidents has increased enormously within the past years and resulted to a loss of multi-billion amounts.

Which options are there in order to protect products and therefore your business from shoplifting? Many companies make use of an electronic anti-theft protection system. But this system doesn’t necessarily offer enough protection. Most shoplifters know how to remove an electronic anti-theft protection without anyone noticing or are making use of false bottom handbags. Most crime gangs know your store by heart and therefore also know which store areas are less visible to employees or even video cameras.

To ensure the protection of their products, many shops started working closely with store detectives. In comparison to a doorman who waits at the shop entry and is supposed to discourage shoplifters before they even enter, a store detective operates undercover. Dressed just like a regular customer, the detective walks through the shop and observes other customers.

The WeWATCH Security shop detectives have been perfectly prepared for such a challenging task. Only our experienced employees who attended a special training are allowed to operate as a store detective. In order to communicate discretely but efficiently with their colleges who are checking the monitors, the detectives are equipped with modern radio technology. In case you haven’t installed a camera system in your store yet we are happy to assist you with the installation and operation.

A combination of shop detectives and monitoring systems makes it possible to catch the offenders in most cases. But this also means that all evidences have to be secured in a neat way. The quality of the camera material is quite important as well because one must be able to recognize the offender on the tape. Besides that, the orderly identification of personal data plays an important role.

Cooperating with a shop detective pays off just after a short time. The shoplifting quote usually decreases as soon as first offenders have been caught and brought to justice. Information about a successful shop detective gets around fast and helps to protect your goods.

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WeWATCH Security is your experienced partner for shop detectives.

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Your advantages

  • A safety concept especially for your building
  • Identification of any possible risks
  • Burglary prevention
  • Enforcement of the domestic authority
  • Rejection of disrupters
  • Video monitoring
  • Collecting and keeping evidence
  • Test buyers


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