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Security cameras have become an inherent part of security technology. Thanks to security cameras it is easy to monitor sites, buildings, driveways, elevating platforms, parking areas or fences.

WeWATCH Security offers you an accurate need – and risk analysis as well as the installation of security cameras. Once a camera has been installed it can always be readjusted or moved somewhere else. The cameras can also be used for a proactive security concept. This means a real-time analysis of the recording by a smart video analysis system. The system automatically identifies people, vehicles and even license plates. An additional safety feature is the connection between your security camera and our VdS- certified emergency call and service coordination center. An alarm starts as soon as an unauthorized person or vehicle enters the monitored area. An expert analyses the situation and is able to intervene accordingly.

WeWATCH Security ist hierfür Ihr erfahrener Partner im Bereich Überwachungskameras.

Überzeugen Sie sich selbst von unserer Kompetenz im Bereich der Sicherheitstechnik. Lassen Sie sich von uns unverbindlich beraten, und wir erstellen Ihnen ein auf Ihre konkrete Situation abgestimmtes Konzept!
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WeWATCH Security Berlin – Security Cameras That See Everything

Überwachungskamera BerlinA security camera means safety for your house, apartment, site a whole building and even more. WeWATCH Security helps you to find the perfect camera that meets your individual needs.

We are offering different safety concepts and technological methods to make you feel safe. Get more information about different safety options in the following text. From classic analog systems, network based surveillance to safety cameras, which are connected to our VdS- certified emergency call and service coordination center – WeWATCH Security Berlin is your expert for high security!

Analog Security Cameras

Modern analog security cameras monitor entry doors, entrances, gardens, backyards and other areas, which have to be secured day and night. Thanks to the robust construction of analog security cameras a complete surveillance of in- and out-door areas is possible. No matter if its storming or snowing outside- the weather does not affect the monitoring process. We are happy to answer any questions and to consult you with an on-site appointment in order to find out which camera system would be the best for your personal needs.

Network Based Security Cameras – High Resolution Megapixel Recordings

Network based security camera offer very detailed recordings. The cameras have up to 2,0 megapixel, which makes it possible to get detailed recordings even from things that a more far away. All cameras have a SD-card slot and can be controlled via an app. There are different features included in the cameras such as video and alarm technology or rotatable and declining features. Network based cameras can be integrated into an existing network connection. All recordings will be saved on a connected computer or laptop and can be analyzed at any time. Even more interesting are security cameras, which are connected to the network via Wi-Fi.

We are happy to explain the differences between security cameras and their technology to you during a personal consultation.

Emergency Call And Service Coordination center – Automatic Alarm Release For More Safety

What exactly does VdS-certified mean? As safety and trust are becoming more important for costumers the quality and reliability have to be high. With a VdS-certified security camera constant checkups of your camera are guaranteed. Only VdS-certified businesses are allowed to sell, project, install and to do the maintenance of the product. WeWATCH Security Berlin does have the relevant certification for quality management according to DIN EN ISO 90011 as well as qualified staff. In case of an incident our staff will be there in no time in order to solve the problem.

Did you know that some industries actually have to install VdS-certified surveillance in order to get their insurance coverage? This includes banks, jewelers, arms dealers and other businesses with an extra risk of burglary.
Our VdS-certified security cameras can be directly connected to our VdS- certified emergency call and service coordination center. The connection between your camera and our coordination center allows us to react immediately in case of an activated alarm. Our special trained staff will be at the location where the alarm started in a guaranteed period of time. Depending on the situation we will also alarm the police, fire brigade, ambulance or a contact person of your choice.

Mobile Security Cameras – Temporary Surveillance

Sometimes surveillance is only necessary over a certain period of time. In this case WeWATCH Security Berlin offers a mobile security camera, which can monitor defined or whole areas. Our in-house We4Eye Station, which is a high efficient video trailer system connects modern camera technology and advanced video management software. It can be connected to a VdS-certified emergency call and service coordination center with an intervention service. This means an automatic alarm will be released in case an unauthorized person or vehicle enters the building or site. The camera is able to record in a 24h mode and in a 360-degree mode. All recordings are very detailed and high quality no matter if recorded by day or night.

Outdoor Security – No Chance For Unwelcomed Guests

WeWATCH outdoor security protects any outdoor areas and isolated buildings effectively against unwelcomed guests. The outdoor security system can be used for manned or unmanned territories. All sensors will be hidden so that an offender does not know he is entering monitored territory. WeWATCH Security Berlin is your experienced partner when it comes to outdoor security. Get a consultation without any obligation today!

Surveillance Cameras For Every Need

We are happy to establish an individual safety concept for you and to help you pick a security camera meeting your personal needs. Convince yourself of our security technology and our know-how! No matter if for your personal safety, temporary surveillance or your business building or site: we have the perfect solution. We can also recommend our security services for objects and plants, hotels, construction sites, city patrol and reception service. For further information please check the section “Services” on our website.

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