Protection Against Burglary

Reinforced Bolt Locks

When it comes to mechanical safety devices, reinforced bolt locks have been an effective method for a long time. The doors, lock and frame joint are protected completely. The door now has the optimal resistance in case someone tries to force the door open. We are happy to help you find the right reinforced bolt lock for your door.

Bar Lock

Flats in old buildings are charming with their high ceilings, stucco, beautifully designed doors and decorative strip. The problem with those old doors is their material, which is easy to crack open. Housebreakers know about that too and in fact it is almost like an open invitation for them. The solution to this problem is a bar lock. The bar is adjustable to even 4-meter high doors and goes from the bottom to the top of the door. Do not let anyone harm you or steal your belongings because of an old, unprotected door!

Additional Box Lock

An additional box lock can be the mechanical basic protection for your door combined with a good door cylinder and a fixed locking plate. There are many different types of additional box locks but we recommend the ones with a stirrup. A stirrup only allows opening the door a little bit but not wide enough to let someone enter or push the door open. An additional box lock can protect you and your belongings.

Secured Windows and Patio Doors

It is easy for most thieves to break windows or patio doors open with simple tools. Thieves favor windows or patio doors that are easy to reach for example on the ground floor.  We can show you what kind of window frames, fixtures and glazing you need in order to protect your apartment or house.

WeWATCH Security is your experienced partner when it comes to protecting your house or apartment from burglary.

Convince yourself of our know-how and expertise! We are happy to answer all of your questions and to help you find the right security concept for your situation.
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