Mall Guard

Shopping malls are part of the public life. With their various stores and food courts they are popular for shopping, meeting friends, events and more. The safety of the visitors, stores and staff has to be provided at all times.

Modern shopping malls are not only large but also complex. This makes it very challenging to secure them efficiently. Incidents such as disruption, property damage, arguments, shoplifting or robbery are potential risks. Shopping malls offer various options to criminals and make it easy for them to disappear in the crowd.

As there are so many different risks it is important to have someone who always observes the crowd closely. This way threats can be recognized early and effectively removed. WeWATCH Security is experienced in guarding malls and also has the necessary equipment.

Potential offenders are often just frightened by the presence of mall guards. This makes your property an even safer place. Most visitors and employees tend to feel safer at your mall, which also means an improved business climate. Our security staff has been trained to re-establish the house rules and the target state.

WeWATCH Security is your experienced partner for mall guarding.

Convince yourself of our expertise. We are happy to offer you a free of charge guidance and a bespoke safety concept.

Your advantages

  • Identification of any possible risks
  • Checking safety systems and fire alarm systems
  • Counseling for safety systems
  • Surveillance of the building
  • Patrol duty
  • Enforcement of the domestic authority
  • Rejection of disrupters and burglary
  • Protection of the external shell
  • event security
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