Alarm Systems

Burglary, property damage, torching, sabotage and robbery are sadly not rare these days. In addition there is the threat of fires or pipe bursts, which can cause high damages. Thus it is important to be alarmed on time in order to react and prevent things from getting worse. Besides that an alarm systems usually scares potential intruders away.
WeWATCH Security offers a variety of alarm systems, which can be connected with our VdS- certified emergency call and service coordination center. The connection between the alarm system and our coordination center allows us to react immediately in case of an alarm activation. Our special trained staff will be at the location where the alarm started in a guaranteed period of time and will act according to an earlier defined measure catalog.

Let us help you pick the alarm system that meets your needs and matches your budget. We are happy to answer any further questions!

WeWATCH Security ist hierfür Ihr erfahrener Partner im Bereich Alarmanlagen.

Überzeugen Sie sich selbst von unserer Kompetenz im Bereich der Sicherheitstechnik. Lassen Sie sich von uns unverbindlich beraten, und wir erstellen Ihnen ein auf Ihre konkrete Situation abgestimmtes Konzept!
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Alarm Systems In Berlin – Protection For You And Your Belongings

Alarmanlagen BerlinDid you know that there were about 160.000 housebreaks in Berlin in 2015? And this number even excludes not reported attempted burglary. Most housebreakers prefer one family houses and mansions. The detection rate is only at 8%, which means that most housebreakers will get away with the stolen goods. Most people do not only suffer from the material loss but also from the trauma after someone broke into their house.

VdS-Certified Alarm Systems – Your Insurance Will Thank You

VdS stands for trust and safety.
Some insurance companies demand their clients to install VdS-certified alarm systems in order to protect expensive property and objects. In some cases the insurance company even subsides such VdS-certified alarm technology. Just ask your insurance for their conditions.

Nevertheless, it does not protect you from a cancellation of your contract with the insurance company.
Only VdS-certified businesses are allowed to sell, project, install and to do the maintenance of the product. WeWATCH Security Berlin does have the relevant certification for quality management according to DIN EN ISO 90011 as well as qualified and trained staff.

The Right Decision: VdS-Certified Alarm Systems in Berlin

It seems to be the easy way to buy an alarm system from a hardware store around the corner or even at a regular supermarket. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend not doing so! A security camera has to be suitable for the area and requires professional installation. You do not want to go to sleep knowing there is only a dummy outside of the house or office building. An alarm system usually scares away housebreakers just with its loud alarm sound. But modern alarm systems are even more advanced. They are able to send a notification to our VdS- certified emergency call and service coordination center. This guarantees a fast and effective reaction. We will be there within a required period of time to check the building and will also call the police if you like.

Alarm Systems For Private Households In Berlin

There are many alarm systems with different operation modes. We recommend radio-controlled alarm systems if the installation is subsequent. They are easy to operate but provide high security. Some alarm systems can be operated via an app, which allows you to monitor your home even when you are not there. If you are looking for a reliable all-around security system we recommend choosing one that also detects fires and calls for help in case of a medical emergency. An alarm can also be sent at the push of an emergency button in case of a robbery.

Alarm Systems For Business in Berlin

Protect all kinds of industrial buildings from burglary, property damage, torching, sabotage and robbery with modern alarm systems. Such incidents can cause damages worth millions of Euros and can even ruin a business.

WeWATCH Security Berlin offers alarm systems for all building sizes. All alarm systems can be configured individually and protect people and material assets effectively. You can choose between wired or wireless security technologies. It is usually easier to integrate a wireless alarm system into a building. All alarm systems can be connected to our VdS- certified emergency call and service coordination center. In case of an emergency our special trained staff will be at the location where the alarm started in a guaranteed period of time and will act according to an earlier defined measure catalog.

You can benefit from our experience and know-how! We are happy to develop an individual safety concept for you. WeWATCH Security Berlin is your experienced partner when it comes to alarm systems and alarm pursuit. If you are interested in further security arrangements please do not hesitate to check out our section “Services”.

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